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The Law Offices of McHenry & Associates is a San Diego based Immigration Law Firm dedicated to offering exceptional legal services in all matters related to U.S. Immigration Law.  Immigration Law can be highly complex and is ever-changing.  McHenry & Associates’ law practice is limited exclusively to U.S. Immigration Law in order to provide our clients with the most competent legal representation possible.

Why choose McHenry & Associates?  The answer is our commitment, communication and competence.  

Commitment: We care about what happens to our clients.  We will not take your case unless we genuinely believe we can succeed in achieving your goals.  We don’t believe in providing clients false hope for the sake of profit.  For that reason, we do not accept every immigration case.  If we can assist you, we will.  If we cannot assist you we will also let you know or we may suggest other resources.         

Communication: No matter how remarkable an attorney may be – or any other professional for that matter – it will not help you if you do not feel comfortable speaking to him or her.  We believe that communication is the key to success.  We pride ourselves on clear, straight-forward and effective communication.  From your initial consultation to the completion of your case, your immigration attorney will ensure that you fully understand all aspects of your case.

Competence: Even the simplest immigration matters can have serious immigration consequences if handled improperly.  Your decision in choosing an immigration lawyer is a crucial one.  Since immigration law is so complex, it makes sense to choose a law firm that limits their practice to immigration law.  Unfortunately, many clients are forced to hire immigration attorneys as a result of USCIS application failures, denials and other problems that occurred from clients trying to do it themselves.  It is always best to consult a licensed attorney that specializes in immigration law before proceeding on your own with any immigration related matter.

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Our Eugene Oregon Bankruptcy Practice

Since 2005, Erin Uhlemann has helped individuals and families facing financial difficulties file for bankruptcy relief. Erin's compassion and understanding of the law have helped hundreds of Oregonians achieve a financial fresh start. She started Willamette Valley Bankruptcy to focus on helping clients with bankruptcy and debt issues in the Lane County Area. Erin understands that choosing a bankruptcy attorney who makes you feel comfortable and confident can be as difficult as deciding whether to file a bankruptcy case. Because she knows that filing bankruptcy is not something that you planned to do or look forward to doing, Erin strives to make the process as easy as possible.

Because most people facing bankruptcy do not have extra money to pay fees, Willamette Valley Bankruptcy offers low upfront fees and will work with you to set up affordable payment plans to pay attorney fees and court filing fees. Consultations are always free so that you can get the answers you need before making any sort of financial commitment. If you have questions about attorney fees and payment plans, you can call or email today to get these questions answered.

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